Starting Your DIY Project Part 1

When starting any diy project you must always ensure that all your markings and measurements are accurate if you do not then you could be heading for trouble further down your project, whether it be a diy door frame or a diy conservatory, you must always ensure that all your measurements are correct and if need be get someone to double check them for you.

There are many different ways that you can measure within your diy project these include, a T-square, a straight edge ruler, spirit levels and the usual measuring tape, but always ensure that you get the measurements right to avoid shocks further down in your diy project.

Once you have got the right measurements for your diy project you need to get the tools of the trade, for drilling you are most likely going to be using a cordless drill because the other options such as a hand drill and pillar

drills are inconvenient for home improvement diy projects, now if using the drill you have to consider what drill piece that you need, are you just making a straight forward hole to put a screw or nail into or do you need a bigger hole, there are a large range of drill pieces which include, the usual twist and dowel bit, flat bit, forstner bit among many others, so make sure you get the right piece for your drill, even ask at the local diy centre for advice if you need it.

You will also need a screw driver the most usual type of screw drivers are the slot screwdriver and the Phillips screwdriver although there are many others these are the most common to be used within your diy project so ensure that you have them to hand. You could also consider saving time by using a cordless screwdriver, but please be aware if the screw that you are putting in is of not high quality this may ruin the screw and you may need to start again.

Next tool to consider is the saw, are you going to be cutting if so you will need to get the right saw for the diy project, but you are not always going to be just cutting wood, so you may need to invest if not already obtained in a power tool such as a circular saw or a jigsaw to make the cutting of materials a lot easier to do.

Remember when using power tools your safety and the safety of those around you comes first so always use ppe and if you do not feel comfortable using the tool do not use it as it could cause you a lot of damage in the long run.

Now are you going to be using a lot of wood in your diy project, what if this wood is not pre smoothed down, are you going to take the long method of using sand paper to smooth out the wood or will you use a electric sander to quicken up the project for you, with electric portable sanders you will get usually a stick on sanding strip so with a large diy project remember to stock up on these as they will wear down and will need replacing, if you are going to be using an electric sander remember to be aware that these electric tools firstly are dangerous so wear ppe and secondly they will vibrate a lot so do not use them continuously or you will end up with a lot of aches and pains in your hands and arms.


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